Week One Update - 21 Day Skincare Challenge

Updated: Feb 1

Daily Habit Review: Washing face with NuSkin’s LumiSpa

One of the reasons I’ve always struggled with a consistent nighttime routine is that I’ve always had to wash my face several times with different products just to get all of my makeup off. It just becomes such a hassle and when I’m really tired – I tend to say fxck it and pass out (DON’T do this!).

But, I’ve noticed that when using the LumiSpa I only have to use NuSkin cleanser and it comes off after just two minutes of using the LumiSpa. It’s also made my skin noticeably softer as well. I guess that’s the LumiSpa’s counterrotating head doing its thing! It’s supposed to move at a certain frequency that promotes “dynamic skin renewal” to get rid of dead skin cells for better cell turnover. Pretty cool. I do love having a quicker way to wash my face + being able to feel a difference in my skin so quickly. So far, so good y’all!

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I posted the below video on my Instagram Reels yesterday, but in case you missed it – this quick 30 second video gives you a better picture of how the LumiSpa works. You can’t hear, but it stops and buzzes three times every 30 seconds and that indicates it’s time to move on to a different area of the face. It takes two minutes to fully cleanse your entire face with the device.

The LumiSpa essentials kit includes a waterproof, cordless device; a charger for your device (not pictured); as well as your choice of treatment cleanser based on your skin type.

Daily Goals

Day 1 See my blog post here on Day 1: Changing Bad Face Washing Habits

Day 2 Hydrate – drink 2L of water

Okay, so I did just horrid on Day 2 y'all. Probably the worst of all 7 days so far. I may try and reincorporate this day into the next two weeks. Maintaining appropriate levels of hydration does wonders for the skin, especially if you already have dry skin to begin with (cough cough I see you coming winter months...).

Day 3 Clean Make Up Brushes

I was browsing Etsy a few weeks ago and came across Brush Bar Soap Co., a company dedicated to making cleaning your makeup brushes a breeze while leaving a subtle, pleasant scent. Lynn was kind enough to send me a few bars to try out and review since this was on my 21 day challenge calendar of activities and, honestly, my brushes needed a good cleaning.

Since this was a gifted product and I had never tried Brush Bar Soap Co. products, I made sure to videotape my initial trial of the product. I wanted my review to be my genuine reaction and first thoughts on using the product. I tried out the lavender scent and Lynn sent me two extra Vanilla bars to giveaway! Be on the lookout on my Instagram next week. Watch the video below to see my review of these makeup removing bars and if you’d like to try for yourself, see the shop on Etsy.

Day 4 Exfoliate

Did you happen to read my interview with Dallas-based professional makeup artist, Lindsay Fergus (if not, you can here)? She suggested to exfoliate 2-3 times a week, leaving a day between each exfoliation. Regular exfoliation not only assists with cell turnover and rejuvenation, it also helps eliminate residual makeup, debris, and any environmental toxins that collect on the skin’s surface throughout the day. Like Lindsay said, your skin is your canvas when applying makeup and you need to take care of your skin for your canvas to be a blank slate to create on.

Day 5 Detox Diet Day

Okay, so I did not do my best on this day. Though, to my credit I did eat a bag of Smart Sweets candy instead of the real thing and I think that counts for something. Your skin can be affected by what you ingest, like diary, gluten, refined sugar, and excessive salt. The skin can become inflamed and skin fluid balance is impacted, which translates into blotchy, red, and/or puffy skin. Try and have bigger meals earlier on in the day – eating late can create insulin surges and spikes, which again lead to inflammation. Leafy greens, unsalted nuts, fruit, and fish are good for the skin and healthy snacks you should focus on.

This is clearly more of a do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do type sitch. It was very much a give yourself grace day for me.

Day 6 Use a Mask

Personally, I’m a huge fan of sheet masks. I love having the ability to use them on long road trips and plane rides (yes, I AM that girl wearing a sheet mask + eye mask simultaneously on the plane – no shame). I tend to gravitate toward green tea and hydration-type sheet masks. Long car and plane rides leave you super dehydrated and I can always use an anti-inflammation and redness mask (aka green tea).

Day 7 Use a gentle cleanser

Believe it or not, not all cleansers are the same. You need to use a gentle skin cleanser that formulated for your skin type (oily, normal, dry, acne-prone, etc.). After using your cleanser, apply moisturizer. I love that the LumiSpa kit comes with your choice of cleanser – it makes the process that much easier.

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Let me know if you have any questions about any of the skincare activities I completed this week (trtomanka@gmail.com or leave a comment below) and I hope you join me next week as well!


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