Why It’s Worth It to Work For Yourself

I've worked for myself, owning half of Fergus & Tomanka, PLLC law firm, the last 3.5 years and have enjoyed two week long vacations once a year, mental health days off when necessary, and more. There are a ton of reasons to work for yourself, these are just a few:

1. Deductions and Write-Offs

There are many deductions and write-offs you can make as a business owner that you can't make as an individual employee or just don't have control of making. For instance, my law firm pays off my student loans as well as my monthly car payment and car insurance. While some businesses do repay student loan debt, most don't. I have the luxury of making that decision and having these payments taken out of my business account rather than my personal one.

2. Your Own Schedule

One of my personal favs (okay my very favorite) is the ability to create your own schedule and day. You honestly don't know how much control your employer has over your life until you're able to make your own schedule. For me, it started off like, "Hey! This is so nice, I can make a hair/dental/medical appointment in the middle of the day if I need to!" Then the pandemic hit and I realized how much work could really be done from home with a good office space. You can work from anywhere and work at your own pace. It's truly life changing - especially for women who typically have children's schedules to tend to as well as their own.

3. Freedom of Creativity + Control

This sort of goes hand in hand with making your own schedule, but being able to work on your own projects and have your own clients - is much different than being someone's second in command or assistant. Connecting directly with clients to make their dreams a reality is much more fulfilling than hearing about it from your boss. You can choose your own projects too. Is there something in the back of your mind that you think is a killer idea? What's stopping you? You're the boss now, so you can do it!

4. Endless Growth Opportunity

The only limit is your endurance and motivation, truly. There are countless business resources out there, including my Starting Your Business Starter Pack (Coming July 1st!) and my Starting A Business Resource Pinterest Page. Educate yourself on your industry and stay up to date on the latest technology in your field and the sky is the limit. Don't dull your shine - glow on girl!

5. Opportunity to Help Others + Your Community

I took advantage of this one during my tenure in Abilene, serving as President of the Junior League of Abilene (2019-2020) during the pandemic as well as being the current President of the Mental Health America of Abilene in a virtual capacity. Nonprofits need business owners networking capabilities to raise funds and are looking for them all the time - you just need to look around and see where you can help out! I grew up volunteering; my mom had us go to Mission Arlington every Christmas and serve in some way. Giving back is in my blood and serving the women and children in my old community in these roles meant the world to me. I count my year as JLA President as one of the most growth fulfilling years of my life.

If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email at trtomanka@gmail.com or drop a comment below!

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